The Top Five Reasons Why New Businesses Fail

With dizzying valuations and emergence of hot sectors, the startup company life may seem glamorous at first. But running a business requires a combination of passion, planning and funding, which is no easy feat.   Entrepreneurs

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Traditional VS Digital Business

Over the past decade, types of businesses have evolved. Before embarking on a new business venture, one must contemplate whether one should start a traditional

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ls Gig Economy the Workforce of the Future?

We have all heard the term, “gig economy” before. While it is not a new phenomenon, it remains elusive to those who are currently still employed in the traditional

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Selling A Camera – Selling Memories

What is a Camera (and a Digital Camera)?  A camera is an optical instrument used to capture an image. Over the past two decades, the evolution of digital cameras

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Interview with a young entrepreneur – Jia Min Onn

She calls herself the Chief Thief at Thrifty Thieves, but the only thing that Jia Min Onn steals is the hearts of her customers with her fun and quirky

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The Difference Between An Employer and An Employee

Have you ever had such thoughts?  “Why are we closing another branch?! Do I still have a job?” “Why did we take on this project? I am already drowning at work; can’t they hire someone else

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