7 Proven Tips for Creating an Engaging & Authentic Video Content

7 Proven Tips for Creating an Engaging & Authentic Video Content

As we all know, content is king. But recent years have proven that a successful marketing strategy does not include just any content. These days, using video in digital marketing has taken over the throne. With the ever-evolving technological advancements and ongoing pandemic, consumers are getting more screen time being chased after by the pangs of boredom.  

With most social media platforms supporting rich media and promoting video-based marketing on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it is no wonder there is a growing demand for compelling video creators who understand the know-how of video content marketing and how to create different types of videos for marketing products with a twist. 

The pressing question that you may have is how do we create video content for marketing that is authentic and yet engaging?  

Here are 7 proven, tried-and-tested tips on using video for marketing, and how to create a successful video strategy for your business 

1. Give Your Video a Sense of Purpose  

The first and perhaps the most important part of how to make video marketing work for your business is to understand why you are creating a video in the first place. Great video marketing for business is created with a plan in place and should not be deemed as a mere afterthought. To create a video marketing campaign and come up with the storyboard, consider when, how and where your content will be used and its purpose. What sort of change are you trying to make? What do you want to tell your viewers? Is it for a younger or mature audience? Is it for educators, businessmen, students?  

Once you have decided who you are creating your online video marketing for, what you want to accomplish and the channel in which your video will be shown, the final product will definitely be something worth watching.  

2. Understand What Your Audience Wants   

As a video strategy guide, dont assume what you think your audience wants. Ask them directly. You can get a glimpse into their thoughts by sending a simple survey form to your existing email list asking them about their pain points and then creating professional video content based on common answers. This way, you are sure that your content is created with what people actually want to see.  

To get more people to do your survey, you may provide incentives like offering gated content or small tokens like gift vouchers or discounts.  

3. Make Sure to Boost Credibility  

To add credibility to your brand, include positive testimonials from your clients and/or customers in your video digital marketing strategy. Good feedback from satisfied individuals who have engaged with your services or have bought your product is an effective way to engage with your audience and provide them with a better understanding of how they can benefit from your offers. Such actual stories can help your business craft an authentic image for your brand, build trust and boost credibility as well.  

4. Make Sure Your Videos are High Quality and Consistent

With the growing number of viewing minutes and the plethora of content online, it is no doubt that expectations for high-quality videos are also heightened. Without good quality (low-resolution, poor lightings, etc.), it is very easy to lose the attention of your viewers. There are a few simple things that you can do to ensure that your video is of a good standard. When creating video content for your business, make sure that you use plenty of light and clean background. This eliminates any distractions and viewers can focus on the message you want to bring across. Another tactic to take note of is the choice of a good video editing program. Consider making a small investment in highly-rated and user-friendly programs like Canva and Magisto or Adobe Premiere Pro if there is a budget. This investment, no matter how big or small will take your marketing by video to far and greater places.  

5. Know Your Brand

Lets be real here. Nobody wants to watch a marketing video from a company that knows nothing about itself. Companies whose content reflects nothing about their values, purpose, mission often find that they miss the mark in their messages. As a video marketing guide, it is important to identify your business objectives and understand your companys purpose because that is the key to shaping the voice of your brand. Ask yourself a few questions: Are you trying to create a video that is instructional or educational to your audience? Will the video be a product demonstration? Is the tone of your video in line with your brands personality? How do you want your brand to be perceived? As a guide to video marketing, answering these questions will help you create marketing video types that are not only fulfilling to your audience but also raise awareness for your brand. 

6. Be an Awesome Storyteller

It is a part of human nature to be captivated by stories. Very often, the best types of video marketing are those which can invoke an emotional response from their audience. Forging an emotional connection can help build trust and prompt them to take an action. When you can reach them on a visceral level, you are likely to have almost won the battle. To close the deal, make sure you be clear on what action they should take after. As a video best practices guide for marketers, you can prompt them to drop an email, visit your website, make a purchase or download your content. Ensure clear instructions so viewers can make well-informed choices.  

7. Ensure Your Video is in the Right Format 

Knowing what your audience wants may not be enough. One of the important video marketing tips is to know where they are and on what medium they are viewing their videos from. To successfully reach your audience, make sure your content is consumable in the right formats:  

For TV 

For Web 

• HD (1080p / 720p) 

• SD (360p) 

• NTSC (US+) 

• PAL (Europe & Asia+) 

• MPEG-2 

• Native 

• MP4 / MPEG-4 

• Windows Media Player (.wmv) 

• QuickTime (.mov) 


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