3 Reasons Why You Should Ask For A Promotion Now and How To Do It

No one wants to be stagnant and one of the reasons why people change jobs is because there is no room for growth anymore.  

Do you feel like you’re making significant contributions to your company but not seeing an increase in salary? It happens to the best of us. The best thing to do in this situation is to negotiate with your Employer for a higher salary. Without asking, your employer wouldn’t be able to know that that it is something you are looking into. Asking for a promotion or a pay increase can be intimidating but nevertheless necessary.  

A huge part of our job satisfaction lies in being recognized for your contributions to the company. But first, you need to check in with yourself to see if you have adequately displayed your value and contributions to your company.  

You can’t simply ask your boss to give you a pay raise without having valid reasons as to why you need one. It’s not going to be as easy as highlighting that you’ve been working in the company for an extended period of time or that you’ve juggled with a bigger workload in the last few months. You need to sell your case to your employer.  

You might be wondering how you would know when you’re ready to ask for a promotion. Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s 3 reasons why you should get a promotion.  

1. You’ve Contributed to The Growth of The Company   

One of the best reasons to ask for a pay raise is if you have been making positive changes for your company. For example, if you’ve managed to close a huge deal for the company, you should be able to ask for a profit because you’ve played a part to the company’s success.  

If you’ve been successfully leading huge projects for your company, you have sufficient proof that you are a reliable and trustworthy employee. 

I had a friend who worked as a social media marketer for her company. Within just a year of work, she managed to create an exponential increase in followers for her company’s social media pages. Many of the clients and customers of the company came to know about the business through the social media pages as well. This proved to her boss that she was a valuable asset to the company and added to her case when she asked for a pay increase.  

In this sense, if you’re attracting more customers or clients for the company and helping the company grow, you are deserving of a pay raise or a promotion. Keep in mind, you need to bring up the statistics and show the growth you have brought for you company in concrete facts; when negotiating a pay increase with your boss.  

2. You Have Taken on More Responsibilities  

Have you been taking on more tasks the longer you have worked for your company? If your answer is yes, your company probably expects a higher performance from you as well. This is a good basis to ask for a higher pay.  

I had a friend who was hired as a writer in his company. He performed his tasks well and the company decided to expand his duties. They wanted him to film and produce videos for social media sites as well. This additional task was time consuming, yet my friend persevered and started executing this new role skillfully.  

Because his role now constituted both editorial and production tasks, this became a good base for him to ask for a promotion in his pay.  

If you find yourself relating to this, it’s time for you to gather up a good case to negotiate with your boss. If your responsibilities are increasing, you should be seeing an increase in your salary as well.  

3. You Are Competent & Always Improving    

If you’ve recently added new qualifications to your name, it should be time to ask for a raise. Whether it’s a new degree, diploma or a certification, you are showing that you’ve gained valuable knowledge and experience about the industry. You are highlighting your interest in staying relevant to the climate of your field and that you have expanded your skills, making you a worthy employee.  

If you haven’t taken a new qualification yet, you can still bring up a solid case to your employer if you can display that you’ve shown qualities of adaptability and a good work attitude.  

For example, I have a friend who is a private tuition teacher. Unlike most tuition teachers who assign students homework based on pre-existing workbooks or test papers, my friend came up with her own collated workbook based on her research and insights on exam questions that were being tested. She also organized zoom calls to aid her students if they had questions to ask at any point of the day.  

These additional efforts paid off because her students saw an improvement in their exam results. She then decided to ask her employers for an increase in her salary because she provided both good results and she proved to be hard working.  

If you tick any of these criteria, you should look into asking for a promotion or a pay increase. Keep in mind that you have to be prepared. You need to have a concrete case as to why you need a promotion, show your boss the details of how you’ve added to the company – and you should be good to go!  

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