3 Ways to Determine If The Job Offer Is Good

Are you currently on a job hunt (here’s why you need a job alert system)? Have you been receiving many job offers but can’t seem to decide which one’s for you? Well, it’s safe to say that deciding on a good job offer is not as easy as choosing the one that gives you the highest pay.  

My friend Sylvia has been working in the digital marketing sector for over 5 years. Feeling like she was plateauing at work, Sylvia decided to keep her options open and started passively job searching while at her current job. She quickly received a job offer that paid her significantly higher than her current job and from a company that was more established. Not wanting to miss out on this huge deal, she resigned from her current job to make the switch.  

Sylvia believed that this would be the right choice for her, the potential of career progression seemed high, she would be getting paid well and the new office was close to home. Yet, when she entered her new work place, she did not feel as optimistic as she did before.  

Sylvia had to work long hours from her first day at the job. She felt overwhelmed with tasks and had to wear many hats for the role. To make matters worse, she felt like she was doing menial tasks instead of projects related to her skillset. She didn’t feel like she aligned with the company’s work culture either.  

She resigned from this company not long after starting the job because she knew she would be able to cope with tasks on a long-term basis. In her new job search journey, she reprioritized her job goals and took her time in evaluating if she was getting the best offer. This new approach helped her secure her dream marketing job.  

It is important to evaluate the deals that you are getting to make sure you don’t land in the same position as Sylvia was. If you’re looking for tips on how to evaluate a job offer, you’re at the right place.  

1. Consider the Salary Offered

The salary that the job offers is one of the more important factors that will determine if you choose the job. Consider if you are getting paid an amount that is appropriate with the current market. If you feel like the job offer is suited for you, but the salary does not match your expectations, don’t be afraid to negotiate your starting pay. You can do this by making a strong argument about why you are the top 10%-15% in the current market and how your knowledge and experience in the field will give the company a huge benefit.  

However, it is important to remember that the salary alone shouldn’t determine if you will pursue the job. You have to consider the job scope that this offer entails.  

2. Your Role in the Company

Consider if you will get job satisfaction from this role in the company. Will you be putting your skills and knowledge to use in a way that you like?  

Sylvia was more accomplished in her marketing strategies aspect, however, the job that she chose needed her to do more graphic design and media-related tasks. She did not find these tasks fulfilling and thus, could not fully enjoy her experience there.  

Make sure that you have a deep understanding of what is expected of you and if the job aligns with the personal goals you have set for yourself in your career.

3. Perks that the Job Offers

Is vacation time and flexible job hours some of your priorities? Considering the employee benefits, including but not limited to, health insurance, CPF, sick leave and compensation for working overtime are some crucial aspects you must consider before taking on the job.  

Take time to review what you are offered and consider if it aligns with what you and your family need at this current point in your life.  

When you embark on the journey of finding a new job, keep in mind your career and personal goals. This will be a good guide in determining if the elements of the job offer is suited for you. Be selective, don’t rush into the first offer that you receive. Weigh job offers will help you make a more informed choice. Finally, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Are there certain elements of the job you would like to alter? Raise it up to the HR or the interview to see if you could a job that is most tailored to your interests and desires.  

All the best on your job search journey!  

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