3 Signs To Start Looking For a Career Switch

All of us daydream of someday securing our dream job, but for many of us it remains a far-off goal. If you’re considering a career switch or a change in job roles, know that you’re not alone – and that the best time is now. Many of us dream of changing careers but find taking the first step daunting.  

Am I going backwards? Why should I leave my stable job to tread uncharted territories? Will I actually be happy in my next job?  

These are valid fears. However, to achieve your goals and properly acknowledge your desires, you must face these fears. Making deviants from the stability of your current lifestyle can prove to be useful to you as they are the most informative and transformational steps you can take to finding a career that truly fits you.  

What’s more, changing your career can be beneficial two ways. You get fulfilment and happiness from your new job, while the employer gets an enthusiastic and motivated employee!  

If you’ve made it to this point, you probably have some uncertain feelings about your current job. Use this email as an opportunity for you to check in with yourself and figure out if it’s time to make the switch. We’ve listed some tell-tale signs that you might be lacking job satisfaction in your current workplace.  

1. You Dread Going to Work

Ask yourself how you feel at work every day. Are you feeling unmotivated at work but not sure what to do about it? 

If any of these words pop up in your head, it shows that you are dissatisfied with your current role. But don’t get me wrong – all of us have had bad days at work. But are these “bad days” turning into bad weeks or bad months?  

Don’t ignore these feelings, they are hinting at an important problem that should be dealt with. Your workplace is where you end up spending the majority of your life. You don’t have to lose your sense of self or be miserable just to stay employed. Taking a step towards finding a new job that brings you happiness would be so much more sustainable and satisfying for your mental health.  

Some of these signs could be the reason why you dread going to work:  

  • You don’t fit the company dynamics 
  • You are underappreciated for the tasks you do  
  • You are overloaded with work  

Take note of your issues and bring them up to your employer if you see a possibility in things changing in your work environment. If it’s highly unlikely that your situation will change – start keeping your eyes open to find a new job.  

2. Your Salary Does Not Meet Your Expectations 

As much as we want to work in an industry that we are passionate about and love, your paycheck is equally as important.  

Do you find that the effort you put into work does not reflect in the salary that you receive? Well, this is a substantial case to ask for a pay raise or to start looking at other job options.  

You deserve a company that appreciates the skills and effort that you give in your work and this should reflect in the pay range that you receive. If you have been helping your company increase its revenue or cut down its costs because of your skillset, you should be reaping the benefits like a salary increment 

Try having a conversation about an increase in your pay with your boss – if your manager or supervisor is wishy washy or beat around the bush with regards to performance review and pay increment. It is high time for you to find a job more suitable for your financial interests. 

3. Your Job is Affecting Your Personal Life

One of the main reasons why we start dreading our job is because we lose a sense of work-life balance. Work should be challenging but it shouldn’t be tearing you down.  

If you find yourself losing sleep over your job, burning up time allocated for your personal life for your job or even feeling exhausted and drained – your body is telling you that your current career is not right for you.  

While you could have a talk with your boss about a more suitable workload, sometimes these problems don’t have a fixed solution. It’s time to check with yourself if you don’t mind your career taking the front seat in your life right now. If you want to put your personal life as your priority, you should reconsider your current job.  

So, what can you do now that you’ve realized you’re not cut out for your job?  

Understand what isn’t working in your current job, use this as reference to what you want to change in your next role. Map out your skillset and how you can contribute to the field you are working in. Start planning on your next step, how or when will you leave your current job and what is the next career path you are going to take.  

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