3 Reasons Why Your Colleagues Are Quitting

Do you notice that your company has a high employee turnover rate? Do you feel anxious that you continue to stay while your colleagues leave? Not sure if it’s time for you to leave as well?

In this article, we’ll break down the main reasons why your company might have a turnover rate, as well as what you should do in this situation.  

I have a friend, James who works in the media industry, specifically for magazines. He worked in an environment where there was a high employee turnover rate, his colleagues would stay in their jobs between 6 to 12 months before they found another. On the other hand, James continued working in that company for close to 4 years.  

James was well favored by his superiors and his boss, so he never experienced a toxic work environment of sorts. His teammates however, did not have the same privilege as him. Many of his colleagues shared with him that they experienced work politics and could not commit to the long working hours and heavy workload. Worst of all, they could not see themselves growing or progressing up the career ladder.  

Taking note of the reasons why his colleagues left the company, James had to reconsider his position in his company. Despite having privileges of being one the older staff, he needed to decide if this was the appropriate environment for him to succeed in his career journey.  

Eventually, James did decide to step away from the company after serving 5 years. He decided he needed a change in environment and wanted a job that would challenge him. His experience was proof that staying in a comfortable environment might not necessarily propel your career journey.  

If you find yourself in a similar position as James, let’s break down the reasons they are leaving the job by the masses and what you should take away from this.  

1. Job Dissatisfaction

Job dissatisfaction often trickles down in a team. If one person feels like there is an unhealthy work culture or that they could get a better offer elsewhere, soon, other team members would feel the same – this could be the reason for the high turnover rate. There are several factors that contribute to job dissatisfaction, including a low salary, feeling unappreciated at work and an overload of tasks. These negative factors can lead to everyone feeling unmotivated.

To tackle this issue, stay aware of the market of your field. Take note if you are being paid fairly, have sufficient support and resources from your company as well as if your company provides an environment that bolsters growth and progress.  

Having these qualities in a working environment is essential in preventing burnout. While you might feel like you have the time and energy for a job that requires so much from you at this stage in your life, you might not have the same energy in the long run. Always plan long-term.  

2. Toxic Work Environment

Toxic work environments are one of the main reasons for a high employee turnover rate. While it might seem like a small issue to some, feeling fulfilled and happy at your workplace is extremely important in keeping your job for long-term. 

If you find yourself in a place that you do not feel comfortable in, you might want to consider looking at other job opportunities. You deserve a positive working environment that allows you to express your creativity, that appreciates your effort and that supports your goals.  

While James was lucky enough to not experience workplace politics and could get along well with his colleagues, an environment that is too comfortable and safe might not be ideal for career progression as well. Constantly challenges yourself to do better will surely help you in climbing up the career ladder.  

3. Minimum Opportunity for Growth

One of the main factors of whether you choose to stay in a job involves your long-term plan. If your current role doesn’t support your personal goals, you have to challenge yourself to something different. Despite being comfortable in his role, James knew that if he wanted to pursue his career goals, his current job wasn’t suited for him.  

More often than not, we get used to our usual routines in life and we start to downplay our goals in order to keep our comfort. Your colleagues could be leaving because they have come to the realization that the job does not align with their goals, and you should check with yourself if you feel the same way.  

 I challenge you to start working on your goals again and looking for better opportunities.  

If you’re going through the phase where you colleagues are leaving your company, here’s some tips to take note of. Process and internalize these changes, ask yourself if you resonate with any of the reasons they are leaving. If you don’t and you still feel like the company is suitable for you, that’s okay. Do remember to stay competent and not complacent to continue pushing yourself in an environment that you feel comfortable in.  

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