3 Reasons Why You Should Resign Now

A lot of us are scared of resigning from our jobs. Who’s going to put food on the table? Am I making a smart choice? What if I don’t land another job soon?  These are valid fears – but it shouldn’t stop you from making a decision that could transform your life for the better.   

Many of us will reach a stage in our careers where we feel like we are no longer growing (3 fixed mindset symptoms) or improving as a person. This is the best time to challenge yourself rather than stick to your comfortable routine. Making this decision will be worth it, for your mental health and for your career.  

I had a friend Caleb, who was extremely comfortable working in an administrative role in his company. It was the first job he had taken since he graduated from his polytechnic and he saw a steady pay increase and career progression in his role.  

Despite the job perks and good culture that the company offered, Caleb noticed that the company had a quick turnover rate. Many of his colleagues did not stay for more than a year in the role. He then realized that the future trajectory of his position in the company was limited. Caleb could not climb up the career ladder in this company.  

Caleb then knew he had to rethink his career if he wanted to achieve his personal goals for the future. He knew he wanted to further his education as well as land a higher paying job that allowed for greater career progression. With these goals in mind, he set a plan for when he wanted to quit and prepared himself financially and mentally for this huge change.  

Caleb decided to make the big change when he was ready for it and it proved to be a good choice. Now, Caleb is a full-time University student taking a course in the field of his dreams. He also freelances on the side to gain an additional income while studying. He believes that quitting his job is one of the best changes he made in his life – when he joins the working field again, he will be more knowledgeable on the industry, be able to ask for a higher starting pay and work in the the field of his choice.  

If you find yourself in Calebs situation and you’re itching for a change in your career, it might be a sign for you to quit your current job. Here’s 3 really good reasons to quit your job

1. There is No Room for Career Growth

The job that you have now could have seemed perfect when you first accepted it, but now you have grown as a person and realized it is no longer fulfilling enough for you. This happens to the best of us. When we grow, our goals for our career and life change. If your job doesn’t give you the space to grow and progress as well, it is time to start searching elsewhere.  

Caleb found his job exciting and perfect for him when he first started. He did progress in the early stages of his career with his company, but could no longer see a 5-year plan with them. He could not get to higher ranks in the company because he lacked the necessary qualifications. Caleb then used this insight to quit his job and to pursue his education again.  

If you find yourself having very little room for growth in your company, have a talk to your boss (how to take up bigger responsibilities) about this and let him/her know your interest in furthering your position. If it becomes clear that there is no opportunity to do so, it is time to look for new options. 

2. To Further Your Education and Focus on Your Mental Health 

While quitting your job to focus on your personal growth might seem like a foreign concept to many, it is important to remember that investing in yourself will be your best investment. Taking the time to further your education, could give you opportunities to make a switch in your career or to ask for a higher salary.  

Caleb’s decision to pursue his education allowed to expand his skillset. He decided to pick up a degree in marketing and communications, this qualification gives him more of a specialization as compared to an administrative role – opening up his options for jobs and placing him in a position where he can ask for a higher salary.  

Sometimes your 9 to 5 can stunt your personal growth. It might not give you time for yourself. Taking time off to give yourself a break and rejuvenate, can prevent burn out and will allow you to come back into the workforce stronger and more inspired than before.  

3. You Want to Try Something New

A lot of us might be stuck in a field that we don’t enjoy, taking the first step to pursue a career in something that you actually like might seem intimidating but is worth the risk. There is nothing wrong in making a change.  

The job that you felt comfortable in at 20 might not be the job you want at 30, and that’s okay. Recognize that you are unsatisfied in your current job and make plans on how you want to change your life.  

Make the switch to another industry. Change the company you work for. Quit the 9 to 5 and become self-employed. Remember that you can change the situation that you are in without needing to feel guilty.  

The most important part about quitting a job is to get mentally and financially prepared for this change. Once you’re ready, make the move! 

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