3 Reasons Why Writing Can Be A Side-Gig

If you’re looking into getting a side-gig (reasons why you should start a side hustle), I think freelance writing would be a great start.  

Freelance writing is a broad industry, we have copy writers, online article writers, email writers, print media writers, social media writers… I think you get the point. The possibilities are endless and you’re bound to find a role that fits your interest.  

As a freelance writer myself, I find that writing gives me a platform to express my creativity, ideas and to let off some steam. I have taken several writing gigs over the years and I have been lucky enough to work with companies that let me have autonomy in the content I create.  

I remember when I was 17 or 18 and extremely interested in the fashion industry, I managed to secure a side-gig for a fashion magazine that allowed me to expand on my interest. After a few years, I was less interested in the fashion scene and wanted to explore news writing. I found an internship in a news media company that allowed me to hone my social-media writing skills as well as production capabilities. When I decided I wanted to explore an industry that was related to helping people, I landed a freelance gig that allowed me to write career tips for job seekers.  

What am I’m trying to say in a nutshell is that freelance writing not only allows you to explore several industries, it helps you pick up technical skills along the way. The industry is flexible and can fit your interest no matter your age or specializations. 

No experience in writing professionally? Start creating a portfolio of your best written works, this could encompass a range of industries and writing styles. Most of the time, employers will ask you to write in a sample for the industry or type of job that they are offering, put in your best effort and this should be easy.  

If you are still not convinced that freelance writing is the best side gig for you, here’s 3 reasons that could change your mind:  

1. Explore your Creativity  

The selling point about writing for me, is that it’s an outlet for me to share my creativity. Don’t be mistaken, most companies will expect you to write in certain formats or might have a set topic for you. However, most of the time, how you execute your task is completely under your control. 

For me, freelance writing was an amazing break from my stressful degree. As an undergraduate, I had to write several long essays on (sometimes) extremely boring topics. Writing as a freelancer gave me the autonomy to express and inspire people based on my personal thoughts and opinions. It gave me joy to see people interact with my content and express their ideas on what I wrote.  

If you’re looking for a creative outlet apart from your full-time job, try freelance writing. You won’t regret getting paid for something that feels like second nature.  

2. Expand Your Skillset

If your full-time job is completely irrelevant to writing, a freelance gig could be great for your portfolio and could potentially enhance your career progression.   

Say for example you work as a marketing executive, taking on freelance writing gigs could help you gain the necessary experience and knowledge to expand your role to professional copywriting as well. For me, I used to solely write articles for magazines or blogs. When I took on a freelance writing gig for a social media company, it allowed me to pick up skills for social media writing and social media marketing as well. This added value to my portfolio and opened doors for several other jobs! 

If you’re looking to take a complete switch in your career, starting off on a freelance basis to explore the industry and to gain some experience is a great way to start.  

3. Writing is Here to Stay  

While many jobs are losing relevance in this fast-paced era, writing is one of the jobs that will be staying for some time to come. In any workplace or industry, writing skills are essential in communicating ideas into written documents.  

There’s always a need for resume writers, copywriters for advertisements, proofreaders for essays and transcribers. For now, this is a safe industry to explore and gain capital from. If you have strength in languages, you should be looking into profiting from these talents. 

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