3 Reasons Why You Need to Make a Video Resume Now (With Bonus Tips on How to Start)

3 Reasons Why You Need to Make a Video Resume Now (With Bonus Tips on How to Start)

Are you looking to stand out in a crowd of hungry candidates? Well, this is the article for you.  

Most of us would choose watching videos as compared to reading texts or documents any day – this same logic applies to your resume. In the recent years, there has been drastic a shift towards companies appreciating video resumes more than traditional ones.  

Considering this season of remote working and hiring, many companies have turned to remote hiring tools to identify and select proper candidates for the job. Inevitably in this technologically savvy world, employees who have video resumes get an automatic advantage in the hiring process 

What exactly is a video resume? It’s a quick 1-3 minute video that allows you to innovatively express your personality and character – traits that you wouldn’t be able to present in a traditional resume alone.  

If you’re how wondering this is going to help you secure your dream job, don’t worry, we break down the reasons why:  

1. Opportunity to Showcase Soft Skills  

 While your work experience and technical skills are some of the major factors in whether you land a job, your soft skills play a huge role as well. Video resumes provide an avenue for you to showcase your skills, personality and work experience in a more compelling manner than a plain text document. The potential employer can gauge if your personality would be a good fit with the company’s work culture easier by watching your video resume, saving time for you and the employer in the job search.  

You might be wondering what soft skills you can show of in the resume. Similar to an interview, your body language, hand gestures and expressions can highlight enthusiasm and confidence in your application. Display your communication skills, articulate your ideas with clarity and precision, companies that work with clients or deal heavily with presentations and pitches actively seek out employees with these skills.  

These resumes are more engaging for employers to watch as compared to a traditional resume because they get insights into your personality and experience without necessarily needing to scan through a tedious and long resume.  

2. Sets a Lasting Impression  

Most employers quickly scan through traditional resumes to save time, meaning that they could easily miss out on your brownie points. Because of the quick and engaging nature of video resumes, the retention rate is higher. This could allow you to convey key information about yourself more effectively.  

Use your video resume to highlight your strengths and achievements that are not included in your resume. The main point of a video resume is to keep your information concise, so make sure you stick to the point and keep it simple, try not to make your resume too information heavy. Don’t forget to highlight your notable accomplishments! 

The best part about video resumes? You have the ability to practice until you make a perfect one. In interviews, you might come off as nervous but with video resumes you will be in your comfort zone. Use your voice, charm and personality to keep a lasting impression on the employer.  

3. Highlights your Ability to Adapt to Market Trends  

Everyone wants an employee who displays his/her ability to quickly adapt to changing times. A video resume is the perfect opportunity to show that you have this skill. Keeping up with the new trends for job applications highlight to your employer that you are dynamic and willing to pick up and learn new skills to maintain relevancy. Setting yourself apart from the traditional way of job applications can also show your employer that you are technologically savvy.  

If you’re working in a marketing or media field, this is a great opportunity to show your employers that you have multifaceted skills.  

All in all, video resumes are a great tool to keep you one step ahead of the job application game.  

Here are some 7 easy tips to keep in mind when creating your resume:  

  1. Keep it short and concise  
  2. Tell a story – plan how your story would be a good opportunity to share your experiences and ability  
  3. Find a good background and appropriate attire – it’s still important to display professionalism during the video. 
  4. Have the right body language – display your confidence and interest. 
  5. Practice your script! Make sure that you are as meticulous with your video resume as you are with your traditional ones, try not to make errors.  
  6. End with a call to action – ask the employer to check your LinkedIn page or website for more details about you. 
  7. Share your video resume on your social media platforms – make it easier for recruiters to scout you out amidst thousands of job seekers! 

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