3 Reasons To Start A Side Hustle

A side-hustle sounds like something reserved for an elite group of people, right? Well, don’t be surprised, a lot of real people (probably even some of your own friends) have a second job to raise their income in the gig economy. 

The concept of having a side-hustle is no longer far-off in this era. While some of us might think it’s too difficult to accommodate a second job into an already packed schedule, I’m here to convince you that it’s not that hard – and that it’s a decision you won’t regret.  

I first started freelancing as a writer in 2018. Then, I was a fresh diploma graduate and was working a 44-hour a week job in the retail sector. Having a retail job was no easy feat, you have to work long tiring hours on your feet and constantly deal with customers. I knew that the retail job would help me earn a stable income and that I needed to keep it. However, I was also aware that my true passion laid in writing.  

So, when I was offered a freelance writing gig by an established magazine in Singapore, I quickly realized that it was an offer I could not pass up. Working two jobs was difficult, one being physically exhausting and the other mentally intensive. I had to readjust my schedule, instead of wasting several hours on my phone, I made time to write. I made time my priority and started cutting out activities that were unimportant. I slowly got the hang of working two jobs and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Working for something I was passionate about gave me an outlet to express my creativity. The best part? I made additional income doing so.  

Even though I had to reorganize my schedule to fit in a side-hustle, this decision proved to be worth it. The side-hustle added to my credibility and my resume, helping me secure several other writing opportunities along the way. Saying yes to that side hustle 3 years ago paved a way which allowed me to make my passion my full-time job! 

If you’re reading this article, you probably are already interested in a side-hustle. Need a bit more motivation? Here’s 3 reasons why you need to be looking for a side-hustle right now. 

1. Diversify Your Income to Achieve Financial Security

In this day and age, relying on just one source of income can be scary. Especially in this pandemic, when job insecurities are reaching a new height, having one job isn’t going to cut it. One of the biggest plus points of having a side-hustle is that you get to create a second income stream for yourself. It helps you take advantage of your passions or interests while helping you gain financial security.  

In University, I had several friends who picked up freelance jobs that helped them pay for tuition while practicing and gaining industry experience related to their course. This side income gave them an additional financial support when they weren’t making any money in school. Some of my friends even multiplied this stream of income by investing! 

2. Outlet to Express Your Creativity

Some of us are stuck in a career that isn’t truly our passion. Having a side-hustle allows you to create an avenue for yourself to explore a career in your interest without fully committing. The bonus? You get paid for it.  

I have a friend who works as an account though her interests lie in crafting and fashion. She chose to keep accounting as her full-time job because it brought in a secure income and it paid well. However, she also decided to explore her hobby by starting up a small local business in crafting. She made her own goods and sold them at an affordable price, in time she gained a steady flow of income from this business. Till this day she maintains her full-time job while keeping her side-hustle because she finds it a great outlet to profit from her hobby! 

3. Stepping stone for career growth

Side-hustles are the perfect way to pick up new skills and add them to your resume! For example, if you’re looking to explore a career in an industry you have minimal experience in, freelancing is the perfect stepping stone to start.  

Recently, I felt like I wanted to dabble a bit more into copywriting and strategized content creation. So, I also took up a freelance copywriting job as a side-hustle while working in a media-related company as an intern. While my 9 to 5 helped me pick up skills in the production and the social media industry, my freelance gig helped me hone my skills in copywriting for advertisements and content creation. In this sense, my side-hustle value added to my internship and made me more well-versed as a writer! 

All in all, there really are no cons of picking up a side hustle. While it might take some adjustments at first, you should be able to very easily slot in some time to earn extra income and gain experience.  

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