3 Reasons Why a Job Alert System Will Transform Your Job-Search Game

3 Reasons Why a Job Alert System Will Transform Your Job-Search Game

Unsatisfied with your current job but can’t risk quitting? Don’t worry, a lot of us have been there. Here’s how my friend Sally (not real name) secured her dream job, while not risking the stability of her then-job.  

Sally is your ordinary young Singaporean woman. After graduating from her bachelors in hospitality management, she quickly landed a job in the hotel and service management sector. Was it the job she wanted? Simply put, it wasn’t.  

Like many of us, Sally felt pressured by her family and friends to secure a job as soon as she got her degree – she had bills to pay, she did not want to depend on her parents and everyone around her already had a stable job. Her lack of passion for her career was taking a toll on her mental health, she felt unfulfilled and that her salary was subpar compared to her worth. Her true passion laid in marketing.  

While this was a huge career change compared to her current occupation, she did not want to let her dream go. She signed up for Job Alert Systems which allowed her to passively job search while maintaining her current job. Without much effort, she managed to secure her dream job in marketing, that not only paid her significantly more, but gave her job satisfaction!  

Her story is a classic example of how a Job Alert System is crucial for anyone who is passively job searching or looking for a new career option.  

Here’s a quick break down of how a Job Alert System works. It is a notification system that you can subscribe to on Bridge or other career portals. If you’re looking for a job in a particular industry or sector, the system will automatically update you when there a new or similar job openings.  

There are several benefits of Job Alert Systems including:  

  1. The Ability to Easily Check for New Job Openings Without Active Searching  

All you have to do is determine the job title or the specific company you are trying to apply to, the job alert system will do the rest of the work. Gone are the days when you had to scour job boards and websites to find the most suitable job for you. Job Alert Systems will automatically suggest jobs that are most relevant to your interests and that you would be a good fit for.  

  1. First Mover Advantage  

When a recruiter or an employer posts up a new job opening, the first wave of applications stand a higher chance of securing the job. It is likely that a company might not look into your application if they have already found suitable candidates during the first wave. In this sense, being early applicant does give you an advantage in terms of finding a job.  

Job Alert Systems notify you on the latest job openings, so if you see one that you are interested in and apply quickly, there is a higher chance of you being an early applicant to the role.  

  1. Opening Up Your Options to a Range of Jobs  

You don’t necessarily have to stick with one job title on the Job Alert System. If you figure out key terms to describe your job interest, such as “social media”, “communications” as opposed to just “marketing” jobs, you will have a bigger pool of options to choose from. This increases your options for your job search and you might even land a job that is a combination of your interests! 

All in all, using a Job Alert System is a convenient way to look out for good opportunities without the extra effort. Remember to customize the frequency of your job alerts to make sure that you’re not being spammed with notifications while ensuring that you have enough updates to sieve through and find your dream job.  

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