3 Reasons Why You’re Still Unemployed (And How to Change That)

3 Reasons Why You’re Still Unemployed (And How to Change That)

For most of us, holding down a job is one of our biggest priorities in life. However, due to the current volatile job climate, many of us have lost our jobs or struggle to get one. Securing a job alone might not be good enough – you have to stand out from the crowd of applicants to keep your job for long-term.  

I remember struggling to secure a job when I was unemployed for about 3 months. Keep in mind, I was actively job searching. For several hours each day, I would dedicate my time to scouring websites and ads for new job openings. I would mass send my resume and relevant documents in hopes that I would get a reply, but very rarely did.  

I then realized my approach to job searching was inefficient. I had to reevaluate my skills and gauge its relevancy to the jobs I was trying to apply to. For me, my skillset lies in writing – I quickly understood that the demand for this market was very niche and I had to pick up more skills for higher job security. 

I then found outlets to gain experience in production, social media managing and marketing skills as well. With these new found skills, I tailored my resume and portfolio to better suit the jobs I was applying for. These small changes helped me secure my dream job. The best part? Several companies wanted to hire me and I had the option to pick the job I felt was the best fit.  

If you have had some tough luck finding a job this year, just know that you are not alone. We’ve listed down some of the reasons you’re still unemployed, along with tips on what you can do to change.  

  1. Lack of Demand in Your Skills  

Was my story something that you are experiencing now? Several skills that we used to have expertise in have been replaced by automation. There are also instances where the training we had in the past is no longer as updated or relevant in this age. Most employers look for employees who are multitalented and being an expert in just one field might not cut it anymore.  

If you’re realizing that the services you offer are becoming outdated or no longer needed, it might be high time to refine your skillset. You don’t have to abandon your previous career, rather, pick relevant skills and direct them towards the new one. Try taking up new classes and certification courses to keep up with the current market trends. This will show your potential employer that you’re willing to learn and will work hard to stay relevant in the industry.  

2. Your Interview Was Not Impressive  

Are you able to secure interviews but never make it to the next stage? Well, that is the case for a lot of us and it’s time to reflect on what we’re missing during our interviews. Keep in mind that if you make it to the interview stage, your employer more likely thinks that your skillsets are suitable for the role – it is then time for you to prove why you would be better than the other interview candidates. 

One of the best advice I would give on acing an interview is thoroughly understanding the dynamics of the company you want to work for. Be knowledgeable about the company’s mission, accomplishments and goals. Pitch to them how you would align with the company’s vision or value add to its goals. Doing this homework before the interview will score you brownie points with the employer as it reflects that you are serious about the role and highlights that you are a hardworking individual.   

3. Lack of Proper Job-Hunting Skills 

The climate of today’s job hunting is extremely different from 5 to 10 years ago. Looking for jobs via ads, submitting resumes and documents used to be the norm when the economy was doing well. But in this era, we need to put in more effort in our job search to stand out from the thousands of other hungry applicants.  

To get ahead of the job-hunting competition, look out for the latest trends in the employment market. One way to capture your employer’s attention would be through video resumes. Video resumes could give you an advantage in your application because it is more entertaining to look at and it provides an avenue for you display your soft skills and personality without needing a face-to-face meeting. At Bridge, we push video resumes to employers to increase your chances of getting hired.  

Other ways maximize your job hunt would be through networking, finding the right contacts and utilizing social media to display your skillset or find new job openings.  

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