3 Reasons Why Your Employer Didn’t Call You Back – And What You Can Do About It

3 Reasons Why Your Employer Didn’t Call You Back – And What You Can Do About It

The COVID-19 pandemic has made finding a job a lot more difficult. Whether you’ve been retrenched after working for several years or you’re a fresh graduate looking to find a job, a lot of us seem to be hitting a glass ceiling in our job search.

It could be that you’ve been sending out several applications and never hearing a response from companies or you have managed to secure interviews yet, never make it to the recruitment stage after.

Fret not, we break down the reasons why an employer might not be calling you back – and give you valuable tips on securing the job.

  1. Your Interview Was Not Captivating Enough

Ever had an interview that you thought went well, but never heard back? It could be that during the interview, your employer realised you were not a good fit for the job.

Securing an interview could hint that the company thinks you are a qualified candidate for the role. However, this is no guarantee that you will get the place. If you are someone who manages to secure interviews with ease but don’t seem to make it to the stage after, here are some tips to keep in mind.

5 Job Interviewing Etiquettes

  • Be punctual for the interview
  • Make sure you are properly dressed
  • Do sufficient research to display awareness about the company
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Maintain open and confident body language

Keeping these tips in mind can help you ace the assessment of your soft skills during the interview!

  1. You Were Not Shortlisted

When a company specifies that they only get back to shortlisted candidates and you don’t get a reply… you probably didn’t make the cut.

As difficult as it is to accept, there are times when another candidate might be more qualified for the job as compared to you. This tends to be the most common reason why you might not land the job.

I remember applying for a job through a job posting website once, which also specified that they would only get back to shortlisted candidates. I thoroughly read through the job description and felt like that I had the qualities that the role was looking for. My prior experience and skillset were relevant for the posting yet, I never heard a reply from the company. It was a tough pill to swallow.

But that didn’t stop me on my job search. Continuing to apply for companies that I felt that I was qualified in, I eventually secured a job that I was equally passionate about and paid me higher!

At Bridge, we make things easy for you. Once you apply for a job on our website, you can sign up for similar job postings to be alerted to you. Gone are the days you have to job searching was a tedious process.

  1. You Might Have Been Qualified, But Your Resume Was Not Impressive

Have you had instances when you saw a job opening that you like and were qualified for, yet never seemed to secure an interview? A flaw in your resume or cover letter might get you from the top of the application pile… to the bottom.

Employers might be looking for certain keywords or experiences in your application, which typically appear in the job listing. For example, if the job listing writes that the employer is looking for someone “experienced in Adobe Software”, the omission of this skill (assuming you have it) might make you appear as a less suitable candidate for the role.

Quick story-time:

When I was a fresh grad, I was so desperate to land a job that I mass sent my resume, cover letter and portfolio to multiple companies under the same job title, hoping that I would secure an interview for at least one of them.

While this might seem like a no-brainer to getting a job quickly, applications that are not tailored might actually diminish your chances of landing a job. I quickly learned my applications had to be of quality, I had to edit them to the particular job I was trying to secure.

When I started tailoring my job applications by proofreading and keyword optimizing my documents, the jobs started pouring in.

At Bridge, we ease the hiring process for you by showcasing only your cover letter to prospective employers. Meaning, you can quickly edit your cover letters for the job titles you are interested in and focus on tailoring your other documents when an employer shows interest. This makes the job search much faster and efficient for you.

  1. The Company Found A Suitable Employee Internally To Fill The Role

Such cases are unfortunate but beyond your control. Many companies look to hire applicants who have worked with them before or are recommended by people that they know.

A way that you can tackle this is through social networking and trying to find job openings from people that you know of for future job applications. At Bridge, you are able to build connections with prospective employers as well as other employees, widening your social network and ability to find jobs that you like.

If you’ve tried applying for many jobs and don’t hear back from companies, Bridge is here to help. We make the job applying process easier for you by only requiring your cover letter first-hand, opening up your social network and alerting you when similar job offers are available.

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