3 Fixed Mindset Symptoms

It is normal to hit a slump from time to time but hopefully not because you have a fixed mindset. That is why staying in a plateau for too long can be dangerous for you.  

A lot of us tend to put personal growth in the back seat of our lives, after all, getting by daily is our biggest priority, right? Well, I used to feel this way and it took me a huge culture shock to realize that I needed to set goals and challenges in my life.  

I remember when I first started University, I had made it into my dream college and a course that I enjoyed. I felt like I had already achieved my goals. Prior to starting my degree, I was someone who explored my interests and challenged myself to pick up new hobbies.  

But everything changed in university. I was swamped with the workload from school and prioritized finishing my assignments and studying as compared to my personal life. I was absorbed with scoring the best I could academically and spent most of my time doing school related things.  

I started feeling like I was losing my own identity and drive when I saw my peers being multi-talented while my life revolved only around academics. I then decided to switch up my lifestyle by applying for a cocurricular activity that was media-related. I wanted to put away my fixed mindset by challenging myself to take on a new responsibility. But I was rejected from the team without an explanation.  

I felt completely shattered by this rejection, for once I was prioritizing activities apart from school, yet I wasn’t giving the opportunity to. I decided not to let this obstacle shut down my dreams of growth. Instead, I used this rejection as motivation to continue pursuing my goals. I signed up for several gigs and an internship that allowed me to expand my skills and knowledge beyond just academics.  

The choice to challenge myself to new activity, proved to be worth it. It gave me a new outlook on life, I became motivated to expand my interests and found a new purpose to my skills. In this sense, prioritizing personal growth helped me mentally and career-wise as well. 

Prioritizing personal growth doesn’t have to be purely career-related. Personal growth can come in devoting yourself to your religion, finding a new hobby and stepping out of your comfort zone. I urge you to start prioritizing yourself because it will motivate you to achieve new heights.  

Here’s some tell-tale signs why you might feel like you have a fixed mindset:  

1. You’ve Stopped Setting Goals

You know how a lot of us don’t believe in setting new year’s resolutions anymore? Well that’s one of the signs that you’ve given up on bettering yourself. Reflect on the areas you want to improve yourself and make a solid plan towards achieving this goal. Here is why goal setting is important.

For me, one of the areas that I wanted to improve myself was to explore activities beyond school. I came to this conclusion by recognizing that I had been overly prioritizing my academics while losing hold of my identity beyond it. I decided to execute this plan by searching for gigs that would allow me to expand the areas I was interested in. Achieving this goal of securing new gigs rekindled my passion for my field and has made me more motivated than ever.  

So, if you feel like you’re lacking in a certain area in life – it’s not too late. Start working towards achieving your goals now, it won’t come easy, but it’ll be worth it.  

2. Being Too Much of a Perfectionist

This might come as a surprise to you but being a perfectionist might not always be a good thing. If you find yourself struggling to make the tasks you work on perfect. This can be crippling.  

I was obsessed with making sure my grades in school were as perfect as I could make it. This pressure that I placed on myself to succeed in this small aspect of my life caused me to neglect other areas that brought me joy.  

It’s time to reimagine your idea of perfect. It’s okay to be imperfect. Restructuring your life to look at the bigger picture, the multitudes of ways you can improve yourself instead of fixating on one area is a great place to start.  

3. Unwillingness to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Falling into the same routine of things could be preventing you from experiencing personal growth. Seeking out new experiences and challenges will keep you evolving as a person and equip you with new experiences.  

Finding gigs after being rejected was a foreign territory for me. Nevertheless, it challenged me. It gave me the motivation to reach new heights and gain more achievements. Securing the gigs made me feel successful and accomplished – and pushed me try for bigger goals.  

In this sense, stepping out of your current routine will push you further in the long run. Being uncomfortable is not a bad thing, it shows that you are pushing yourself to do things that might make you feel afraid.   

Start by challenging yourself to do one new thing every week – it could even be as simple as taking yourself out on a date alone.  

All in all, we need to keep prioritizing personal growth to become better versions of ourselves. Being stagnant should be your real enemy. 

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