3 Best Remote Side-Gigs in Singapore

Are you looking into getting a side-gig? You should and this article is just for you.  

The side-gig economy has been gaining popularity in the recent years and if you don’t already have one, you’re missing out. We know by now that it is a great way gain an extra source of income, grow your experience and network with like-minded people.  

But… one of the biggest tackles when taking on a side-gig is the fear that you won’t have enough time for yourself or loved ones. Which is why we think a remote side-gig might be ideal for you.  

Let me share my own experiences with side-gigs. I first started my side-gig journey when I was in polytechnic. I was a freelance writer for a magazine. While it did give me the exposure and experience I wanted, my biggest struggle was juggling my time and my side-gig.  

My role required me to report to office at least once a week. This was easy for me to do while I was on school holidays, but when University came around, it was difficult for me to commit this time for the side-gig. Which is why I decided to take on a remote job instead.  

My new remote side-gig gave me the freedom to work from home. I could better manage my time because I no longer needed to travel. My job was on a task-by-task basis, so I could plan out my week based on when I needed to submit the assignment. I felt like I had better control of my life and it felt less like working and more like using my free-time productively.  

If you’re looking to enter the side-gig economy, I strongly urge you to look into remote side-gigs, they are a great stepping stone to get you comfortable in working outside your full-time job.  

Here are 3 timeless, in-demand and remote side-gigs you should be looking out for.

1. Freelance Writing

With freelance writing, your scope is almost endless. You could look into writing articles, emails, transcribing videos, proofreading or copywriting (and so much more!). Freelance writing is a great way for you to express your creativity or use your strength in language to your advantage.  

I started freelance writing for a fashion magazine because I was interested in fashion at that time. Writing about something that I was passionate about made me feel like I wasn’t even doing work! I got to expand on my interest, build a portfolio and earn a side income while doing it.  

If you’re working in an industry completely unrelated to media but have a flair for writing, do check out freelance writing gigs. The working hours are usually flexible and you might even have freedom in creating content depending on the industry you choose to write for.  

2. Social Media Managing

All of us use social media on the daily – why not make this a side-income? Several companies are looking for freelance or part-time social media managers to plan, create and execute social media content that will capture the target audience’s attention. Several of these gigs don’t require prior experience. Just show that you have a flair for social media and you might get the gig.  

I have a friend who works as a freelance social media manager for a retail shop. Similar to me, she was interested in the fashion industry and decided to pursue this side-gig. Despite not having much experience in the social media industry, she got hired because in her personal social media accounts she displayed her skill in photography, caption-writing and gaining a following.  

Similar to writing, social media managing can be a flexible job. Simply plan ahead of time the content that you want to post and you’ll be good to go.  

3. Online Teaching

In this COVID era, online teaching has been picking up pace. Several parents prefer for their children to have their tuitions online to prevent unnecessary physical interactions.  

If you don’t have much experience teaching, that’s okay. Decide on a subject that you think you are best at and conduct research on the age group you’d like to teach (check out their syllabus and the main topics too). When you’re starting out, try coaching your friend’s children, family members or family friends. Once you start picking up pace and showing results, work on expanding your brand.  

Remote working is one of the best ways to start your side-gig journey, you’ll get to enjoy freedom, do work in the comfort of your home and get paid to do so.  

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