How has the pandemic affected the immigration industry?

How has the pandemic affected the immigration industry?

About TIP

The Immigration People (TIP) has grown significantly since its founding in 2019. Their secret? Always keeping the interest of the client as their core tenant. As one of their clients’ acclaims “I never felt like I am applying my PR through some agency. You will feel like some friend is helping you. Thank you, Elena and team.” Although understanding the immigration pathway is indeed a convoluted process, rest assured TIP will hold your hand and guide you through, each step of the way, without overstepping boundaries.  

The excellent service they provide, is made possible through their dedicated staff with more than 25 years of collective experience, augmented by the knowledge of ex-ICA officers. TIP offers services for both corporate and individuals looking to obtain a desired status to stay in Singapore, with 2 separate approaches to cater to each entity. For businesses, services provided include incorporation of new entities, corporate secretarial services, and appropriate work pass applications. On the other hand, individuals can subscribe to long-term visit pass (LTVP) applications, desired work pass, permanent residency (PR) applications, or citizenship applications.  

TIP's Self Assesment Tool

TIP is also the first immigration agency in Singapore to create a self-assessment tool, named the “e-Preliminary Profile Analysis” for aspiring PR and new Citizen candidates to check if they qualify for the application and/or evaluate their own chances of success. On top of this tool, they have also recently launched an All-In-One Video Guide to educate and guide aspiring PR and new Citizen applicants more on the current Singapore immigration landscape. These videos are broken down into bite-sized topics for easy viewing, accessible for free and has a replay value of up to 30 days so viewers may watch the videos at their own time, own pace, own place. These are some of the few initiatives by TIP to make Singapore immigration more transparent and attainable to foreign talents who are committed to calling Singapore their home.  

TIP and Bridge Approach towards the Pandemic

Much like Singapore invests in talent by inviting more to migrate into Singapore, TIP also invests in the people, keeping the migration pathway alive. Despite setbacks due to the pandemic, TIP has retained all its staff without so much as a pay cut. Knowing that every member of their staff is equally valued, reassures clients that the company is people-oriented and trustworthy and can be relied on. Furthermore, every client can be rest assured that their consultant will not suddenly disappear or change like a revolving door.  

However, due to the pandemic, many workers from other firms have been laid off in Singapore.  Some of them may have originally planned to apply for a PR or citizenship.  For such cases, Bridge may be able to assist in relighting the path for them by assisting more individuals in finding a job in the current market and connecting them to TIP to help them achieve their desired immigration status. Using the latest digital technology, Bridge matches your listed skills with the exact skills employers are looking for. With its job alert system, Bridge ensures you have instant access to a job opening the second It has been listed. Striving to bridge everyone to their ideal job environment or candidate, Bridge also ensures you are equipped with the right soft skills and tools to empower you to cherry-pick the best match. 

What makes Bridge stand out from Other Job Portals

Another thing that makes Bridge stand out from the saturated market of other job portals, is its alternative role as a career advisory and guide. With a wide variety of articles to choose from, Bridge has a tailored article offering advice for most job hiccups or crisis you can think of. With all this information, one can then go on to improve and upskill themselves, their professional skills to be more appealing to an employer. 

Collaborating with over 20,000 employers and 10,000 job seekers, Bridge ensures availability of a wealth of potential opportunities by bridging the connections of these individuals to their desired roles. By collaborating with Bridge, TIP can offer its services to this pool of people who can greatly benefit by achieving their desired immigration status. As their co-founder and director Kay Cheong says: “I am proud to say that over 80% of our clients in the first 6 months were purely through referrals. The trust demonstrated in us is something we cherish and this is reflected in how we always put our clients first.” Through advertising on Bridge, TIP hopes to gain access to more industry verticals when a user views the advertisement while looking for a job. As Bridge is an equally trustworthy name in the market of job portal, the reliability of TIP is maintained when seen on Bridge platform.  

To further develop TIP’s outreach, Bridge is the key to gaining more leads for the company, especially in a time like these, where getting a work pass has become increasingly difficult. 

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