3 Reasons Why Internal Collaboration Drives Business Success

First of all – lets tackle what collaboration even means. Collaboration happens when a team of people with different skills, specializations and talents work together with the same goal.  

Considering that we are in the times of COVID, many of us don’t get to interact with our colleagues as much as we used to and a lot of our meetings have become less frequent than they used to be. We tend to work as individuals or in specific small teams to get our day-to-day tasks done. While this might seem like an efficient or easier strategy, collaboration is better 

In my friend Winnie’s company, their boss adopts a good and efficient collaboration process. She works as a writer and attends bi-weekly meetings with her colleagues. While there is a writing team in her company, her meeting usually involves the boss, the SEO specialist, the marketing team and a graphic designer.  

Initially, she thought that this was unnecessary. She felt like the arrangement made team meetings longer and that she had to listen to tasks that were completely unrelated to her. However, it soon started dawning on her how all their jobs were intricately linked to each other! 

All of them worked to create content for the company. In this sense, when she wrote the article, she could ask the SEO specialist for keywords that would boost and gain attraction to her work. The marketing team would also be able to properly and efficiently plan to advertise the article based on quick summary. Knowing the details of the article and the marketing team’s strategy, the graphic designer could create attractive images that were relevant and would capture the attention of the audience.  

In Winnie’s scenario, collaboration in the workplace allowed the team to work on each other’s strengths to fast-track content creation. Colleagues could learn from each other and build upon their skills and strengths. In this sense, collaboration is mutually beneficial to both the employee and the business 

If you’re still not convinced on why collaboration is good for your business, we’ve listed down three benefits for you! 

1. Productive Meetings

Do you feel like your meetings are less productive? Collaboration can fix that. Collaboration allows you to look at the bigger picture of the company. By understanding how the other teammates work to achieve a shared goal, everyone will know their roles and the tasks they need to execute.  

In Winnie’s case, the meetings were productive because she truly understood her role in the company. The meetings allowed her to gain input and advice from other members of the team before she started on her tasks. Her teammates reaped this benefit as well. This makes accomplishing their tasks more efficient because they are clearer on what they have to do.  

Naturally, having collaborative meetings could mean lesser and more productive meetings in the long-run – leaving employees more time to work on their tasks! 

2. Higher Success Rate

Collaboration is the foundation of how any business works. Having a team of employees that collaborate well together, could lead to more successful projects and endeavors.  

In Winnie’s company, the team dynamics was extremely strong. By working well and efficiently together, the team was able to create exemplar content that brought exponential growth and visibility for the company.  

If you’re trying to get a higher success rate in your business, it would be ideal to have collaborative meetings. A problem that could take an employee a week to resolve, could take the team a significantly lesser time to. It is always important to share ideas and input to get the best strategies for your projects.  

3. Drives Growth

Having collaborative meetings could make your employees more efficient. They would have a group of people to answer to if their tasks are subpar or not completed yet – it creates a check and balance system. Additionally, it allows room for identification of skills gap, innovative ideas and collective expertise.  

In Winnie’s case, having a group of relevant colleagues during work meetings created a space to hash out the most innovative and creative ideas for content strategy. This creates a healthy competition amongst colleagues to come up with the best or most interesting content ideas for the week – also benefiting the company as they have a plethora of the latest and most relevant ideas to execute for marketing or content strategy.  

If your company hasn’t already adopted collaboration, try it out to see the multiple benefits you and your employees will receive.

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