3 Benefits Of Hiring Fresh Graduates

Feel like your company is reaching a plateau? Are you looking to expand your team? Or are you seeking out an employee with huge ideas? Hiring a fresh graduate might be a solution to your problems.  

Yes, it might seem counter-intuitive to hire a fresh graduate over an experienced candidate – especially in this difficult economy. However, their lower salary costs isn’t the only benefit of this creative pool, they are a competitive bunch of talent ready to tackle the challenges of the working world.  

An experienced candidate is not necessarily a more “reliable” one. Fresh graduates bring in fresh perspectives and an updated skillset to your company.  

Here, we break down 3 really good reasons why you need to be hiring a fresh graduate – and how Bridge can help!

1. Fresh Graduates bring a New Perspective

Are you struggling to keep up with the current market trends and staying on top of the game in your industry?  

Graduates are newer to the industry and will bring fresh ideas to the table – along with questioning how things work. While many “experienced” candidates might know the inside outs of the industry and fall back into the cycle of doing what works for them, fresh graduates might be more willing to take the risk to try an idea that has not been done before.  

Being new to the industry, this pool of talent is keen to do their best to climb up the career ladder. Expect an employee that is willing to go the extra mile and contribute greatly to your business. 

2. They Have an Updated Skillset

Fresh graduates are well…fresh out of academia – meaning they have probably learned the most updated workings of your field.  

For example, if you’re in the communications industry, hiring a fresh graduate might be ideal for your company. In school, they are constantly breaking down the latest industry trends and seeking for what works and what doesn’t. They would’ve studied the ins and outs of the industry and be able to give valuable and relevant advice on the current communication industry.  

While they might still lack experience of the working world, they have new techniques up their sleeves that may work even better than the ones your company is used to. By securing this certification, fresh graduates highlight that they are keen to learn and stay updated on the latest market trends.  

3. Nurturing Talent for the Long-term

Graduates are like a fresh sheet of paper – they are easier to nurture and mold as compared to an experienced candidate. While it might take some time to train your graduate, they have the potential to stay in your company for the rest of their career – making your investment worth it.  

In the same way, taking the chance and hiring the inexperienced graduate can allow you to benefit greatly in the long term. Start by identifying the candidate’s potential, ability to commit and performance through their resumes and interviews. You could be hiring someone who will lead your company one day! 

You might be wondering why we’re pushing for you to hire fresh graduates: 

Bridge can help create meaningful connections with a pool of eager fresh graduates.  

As a new job portal in the market, we seek to transform the job search experience. Make full use of our lead generation services, video resumes and job alert system to efficiently and quickly find the next capable member of your team! 

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